Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Some of my Favorite Food Storage Items!

For the past 4 months, I have slowly been trying to organize my pantry.  It is a work in progress y'all!  But I do have to say that my favorite things in my pantry are these gals!  Allow me to introduce you!  These babies hold all my flour and sugar and have made cooking just a tad bit cleaner.  Let's face it...I am in the kitchen a lot.  I am cooking for 3 kids and my guy.  If I need some flour or sugar, I just roll one of these babies out, pop the lid open, and start a scoopin'! 
Here's my sugar baby!  Doesn't she look good all full o' sugar!  Oh yes, she does!

Here's the flour girl!  I couldn't let her be left out.  I do make sure these empty completely each time before I refill them.

I loved sugar baby and flour girl so much that I bought a 3rd one for all my other sugars (brown, powdered) and a few other things like coconut. 

I found these little babies at The Container Store. I read tons of reviews and they are air tight. They really work like a charm.  I love them!!!  They have helped to tidy up the pantry like nobody's business!

Anyone have any more tips on things to help organize the pantry??  What is your favorite storage item??


Sarah Steele said...

These look awesome! Such a good idea, thanks for sharing!

Steve said...

Hi... I'm looking for flour storage. Which size do you have there? I buy the 25# bags of flour from Sam's Club and would like to know if 25# of flour fits in a 22# dog food container. The 45# container it too tall to fit under my shelves.


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